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What Exactly Are Fibre-Optics?

Posted by on 31 May 2017 under Fibre

What Exactly Are Fibre-Optics?

If you’re reading this IT Blog, then there is an almost 100% chance that you know of Fibre-Optics. You’ve even probably heard the name mentioned in IT meetings, discussions around the table when Fibre To The Home (FTTH) is referenced, or simply when people talk about faster internet for media streaming, gaming or for doing business. But there is one question that many people fail to ask, and that is – What Exactly Are Fibre-Optics? Well this blog posts will help you answer that question.

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Fibre Optic vs. DSL Internet Service

Posted by on 25 May 2017 under Connectivity, Fibre

Fibre Optic Cable

So, you’ve decided to make the switch from DSL Internet to Fibre, but would like to know more about how they compare to each other? Well we at MacroLan have taken the hard work out of your research and provided not only a cost, reliability and speed comparison in this blog post, but also a video at the end that will help you make the right internet service decision for your home or business.

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What is the Internet of Things?

Posted by on 03 May 2017 under Connectivity, News

A world where everything from a home’s appliances, to communication and transport devices do one’s bidding automatically has been the focus of many a science fiction writer’s fevered imagination over the past decades. The truth is however that this time (and the ability of inter device communication) is a lot closer now than ever before. This is all thanks to The Internet of Things, or IoT for short!

A More Convenient Place to Live

Imagine a time and place where your lights come on when you’re almost home from the office, your coffee is ready the moment you wake up, or your fridge restocks itself and your car lets you know that something is wrong. This is all possible now thanks to the some of the latest device and application tech, all of which are helping to create the Internet of Things. But how will IoT make your life easier? Let’s take a look at the IBM video below to find out more…

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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Posted by on 03 May 2017 under Connectivity, Networking

Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop

Symantec is one of the most well-respected internet security companies in the world, and according to their 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, more than 1 million cyber-attacks occurred during 2015 on a DAILY basis. Although that number is alarming in itself, what is truly scary is that a large number of these attacks occurred due to Wi-Fi security concerns.

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Where is Fibre to the Home Available?

Posted by on 02 May 2017 under Fibre

Fibre to the Home

Fibre to the home, or FTTH for short, is often referred to simply as fibre and is the installation and use of fibre optical technology to provide high-speed internet access to residential units such as houses and apartments. It is one of the fastest growing areas of the South African internet service provider industry and thanks to MyBroadband, who helped to compile this comprehensive list, we can supply you with a list of many of the South African Suburbs where FTTH is available. Please note however that the information included here might not be 100% up to date due to the ever increasing speed at which FTTH is being implemented.

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What is LTE Advanced?

Posted by on 16 Mar 2017 under Connectivity

LTE Advanced

You’ve gone for your mobile phone upgrade and heard the acronym LTE bandied about, but what exactly does it mean, and what does it hold in store for us mobile data users moving forward? But before we get to the future, let’s deal with the now, as Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is the current standard for high-speed wireless communication. It is based on GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies and is the dominant communication format for modern mobile phones and data terminals.

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What is an Open Access Network?

Posted by on 03 Mar 2017 under Networking

Ever since the South African Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services published its National Integrated ICT Policy White Paper last year the buzzword on everyone’s lips has “Open Access Network”. But what exactly is an Open Access Network, and how will it change the way we as South African web users interact with the internet?

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China Invests in SA Fibre Development

Posted by on 03 Mar 2017 under Fibre

Chinese company, Yangtze Optics Africa Cable (YOAC) will be investing R150-million in the Dube Trade Port Industrial Development Zone in Durban, which according to Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, will help build South African focused fibre optic cable capacity. This is a joint venture between the Chinese company, and the JSE Listed South African Company Mustek Limited.

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Fibre vs. Copper

Posted by on 20 Jan 2017 under Fibre

We all know that Fibre to the Home (FTTH) or business is what everyone is asking for at the moment, but why is this? To answer this question, we’ve decided to take a look at Fibre and Copper internet technology and make a comparison. You can then decide for yourself if Fibre is the way of the future or not (we certainly think it is).

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The State of Fibre in South Africa

Posted by on 20 Jan 2017 under Fibre

The current fibre optic cable rollout in South Africa is accelerating, and is in fact fast becoming an important factor when people opt to buy a business or even a home in certain areas. However, very few of us actually understand the intricacies involved in the tech-centric process involved in laying fibre optic cables.

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