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The Dangers of Social Media

Posted by on 03 Feb 2014 under Social Media

What Little Red Riding can Teach You about Sharing on Social Media

Sitting at a business lunch the other day, the topic changed to how to educate children about the dangers of sharing too much personal information on social media sites. A friend shared this wonderful modern take on a classic fairy tale and it got me thinking: This is not a children’s fairy tale anymore. Instead it is a healthy warning to everybody, children and business people alike, about being aware of exactly how much they share on social media. So, as the story goes…

Once upon a time…

Little Red Riding Hood was taking some goodies to her sick grandma on the other side of the woods. She Tweeted all her friends and the woodland animals that she was not looking forward to the long walk all alone and, of course, all the birds in the forest reTweeted. Soon everybody knew that Little Red was walking by herself through the forest.

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