Campus Broadband Fibre Benefits

1:1 Ratio


Cost Effective

Campus broadband is beneficial to both landlords and tenants of business parks or single buildings. Owners can increase their occupation rates by introducing cost-effective high speed fibre broadband connectivity in their business park. Tenants, similarly, can have easy access to high speed fibre broadband without the hassle and low quality service typically associated with ADSL or wireless connectivity. MacroLan will manage the entire connection process seamlessly with each tenant, and will additionally monitor and maintain the line and equipment to a high standard.

How MacroLan’s Campus Broadband is Set Up

Once we receive a request from a landlord of a business park or single building, MacroLan will first bring the fibre optic cabling to the building and then take the cabling further to all the offices - at their own cost. The landlord will only be responsible for supplying power to the central connectivity point. MacroLan then sells the fibre broadband connectivity directly to each tenant.

Why Choose our Campus Broadband?

  • It’s fast: our contention ratio is excellent at 1:1
  • It’s consistent: Fibre broadband is free from the interferences experienced on ADSL and Wireless Broadband
  • Our fibre broadband is uncapped and unshaped
  • It’s dependable: MacroLan is continuously improving and investing in infrastructure to offer you high quality and consistent connectivity solutions
  • It’s cost-effective: Our established position in the industry and investment in infrastructure allows us to offer top quality connectivity at reasonable prices

Get Started with MacroLan’s Campus Broadband

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