MacroLan Offsite Cloud Backup

Are you looking for a secure and reliable way to back up your critical data? Then contact us today to find out how our MacroLan Cloud Backup can easily protect your business server! Because once we are looking after your Cloud Server Backup program, you can continue working safe in the knowledge that all your important data is perfectly protected by us.

High-speed Cloud Backups and Restores

The MacroLan Cloud Backup is one of the fastest backup applications equipped with all speed optimizing technologies, including:


In-File Delta

Fast Indexing

Small Files Optimization

Unwanted File Exclusion Filter

And so much more!

Cloud Computing and Backup Storage

Our Cloud Backup is 100% Restorable!

No one wants to experience trouble during a restore process! This is why we have engineered the MacroLan Cloud Backup to offer a guaranteed 100% successful restore service at all times. Thanks to our regular CRC integrity checking mechanism we can ensure that the backed up data is always restorable and this means that we can prevent data loss that occurs through:



Fires, floods and even building failures have been known to damage servers and other physical assets, but smart businesses have their data backed up offsite and can quickly be back in business thanks to our MacroLan data recovery Cloud Backup solution.

Accidental Deletion

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is more common than most business owners might think and is in actual fact one of the largest causes of data loss in most businesses. Avoid the human error factor and invest in a MacroLan Cloud Backup Service for Desktop and Server Devices.

Hardware Theft

Hardware Theft

Hijackings, break-ins and even copper cable theft can play havoc with digital backup processes. You can get around these problems however with a good Cloud Backup solution that offers a highly secure environment for data storage.

Hardware Failures

Hardware Failures

PC and laptop hard-drives are known to crash from time to time, damaging the data saved on them and costing a business dearly. Minimise this data loss with a safe and secure Cloud Backup Service for Desktop Devices today.

Contact Us TODAY!

Make the move to our MacroLan Cloud Backup Services today and rest easy knowing that all of your important company data is safe every day of the year! Contact our Cloud Backup Team to find out more or download our Cloud Backup for Businesses PDF below:

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