Online Collaboration

Imagine an office on the go that allows you to access others both inside and outside of the business no matter where in the world you are…

Here at MacroLan we offer all of our clients a real-time collaboration tool that can be accessed anywhere in the world. We do this through the use of our cloud server and hosted exchange services, all of which make it easier, faster and more cost effective to collaborate online.

The Benefits of Online Collaboration

It is easy to keep track of all projects

Team members can work and communicate from anywhere

It allows for effective project reporting

Tasks can be completed promptly and effectively

Documents are all stored in a single place

How Online Collaboration Works

Online collaboration uses the Internet as a common meeting and work space. Instead of using a physical conference room, a company’s employees can access a virtual work environment that allows them to work in a collaborative manner. This workspace can be a shared database that allows employees to store and access data in a collaborative way, or it might be a complex fully-fledged virtual environment that allows for real-time digital communication at all times. With online collaboration businesses also have the added advantage of having all work saved and shared in a central database, and everyone works from the same files and data.

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