Connectivity Solutions

Our blisteringly fast broadband services and high-performance Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) systems will change the way that you work, communicate and collaborate online. In fact, when you partner with us we will provide you with unparalleled connectivity speeds of up to, and in some cases exceeding, 100 Mbps.

Don’t believe us? Then put us to the test! Simply contact one of our connectivity experts right now and we’ll come to your business premises and show you how we can provide you with some of the best connectivity solutions in the country.

Our Connectivity Solutions Include:

Business Broadband Fibre

A Broadband Fibre Solution

Very few Internet Service Providers can match our Broadband Fibre Business Solutions. This is because we are one of a very select group of ISP’s that actually operate and maintain our very own broadband fibre network. This allows us to operate independently of cable based ISP’s such as Telkom.

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Wireless Broadband

A Wireless Broadband Solution

The perfect connectivity solution for small and mid-size business customers, our MacroLan Wireless Broadband Solutions will revolutionise the way you utilise your bandwidth and allows you to remain unaffected in areas where the theft of Telkom copper cables is an issue.

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A MPLS Solution

A MPLS Solution

MPLS, or Multiprotocol Label Switching, is an online communication network that we run on out ADSL and Fibre Networks. It is cost effective, secure and extremely reliable to run and is used by many South African businesses to communicate across a centralised service.

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The Benefits of Using Our Connectivity Solutions

There are a number of direct benefits that your business will receive when using any of our connectivity solutions. These include ease of use, improved online security, scalable and customisable services, reliability and cost effectiveness.

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