Broadband Fibre For Businesses



Cost Effective

The fact that we are one of the very few ISP services in the country that actually own our own Broadband Fibre Network, allows us to offer our clients access to a dedicated fibre infrastructure with superior uptime and an unparalleled internet experience. This means that we are able to provide an uncapped fibre broadband service at speeds of up to 100Mbps, making it a business broadband communications channel that is effective, convenient and above all, well priced.

In addition, we provide the option of setting up a business broadband network througout a building or collection of buildings through our Campus Broadband Connect package.

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Why Choose A Broadband Fibre Solution?

The Features & Benefits of Broadband Fibre Solutions

Allows for ultra-high speed Internet connectivity

Allows for ultra-high speed WAN connectivity

Allows you to host all your servers in our Data Centre

Guaranteed connectivity with no restrictions

QoS (Quality of Service)

Service Level Agreements

Remote router management and support

Line monitoring and management

Who Uses Broadband Fibre Solutions?

Broadband Fibre Solution Clients Include

SME & Corporates

Call Centres

Film and Media Production Companies

Radio & Television Broadcasters

Digital Content Distribution Networks

Office Parks & Buildings

Hotels & Apartment Blocks

Schools & Educational Facilities

What Can YOU Do With Broadband Fibre?

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