Enterprise Website Hosting

Managed Enterprise Hosting Can Transform YOUR Business!

Utilise your IT Staff in a way that adds value to your business and let MacroLan worry about the day-to-day information technology tasks. By doing this you will allow your staff to innovate in an almost unheard of manner as they concentrate on transforming your business in a cost effective IT savvy company.

The Benefits of Enterprise Website Hosting

With our enterprise hosting knowledge and professional guidance we will change the way your company views and delivers IT, putting you in a position to stop worrying about data centre business and to start harnessing the power of cloud computing. We do this by offering you dedicated enterprise level servers and IT services with the following benefits:

Our Enterprise Hosting is Scalable

Our Enterprise Hosting is Scalable

Need more processing power, RAM and storage in an instant? Then we’ll simply allocate it to you as and when you need it.

We Only Invest in the BEST Hardware

We Only Invest in the BEST Hardware

We employ the latest IT hardware to provide our customers with massive amounts of RAM, processing power and all of the Network Attached Storage they can use.

Our Servers are Locally Hosted

Our Servers are Locally Hosted

There’s no more dealing with overseas hosting companies as all of our servers are hosted right here in South Africa. This means that you’ll get the fastest connection to your website possible.

Website Hosting on YOUR Terms

Website Hosting on YOUR Terms

Not happy with our service? Then simply cancel the hosting as and when you wish! You can do this because we NEVER lock our customers into a long term agreement.

Who Needs Enterprise Web Hosting Services?

If your company or business is experiencing one of the following problems, then maybe it is time to talk to MacroLan about enterprise level web hosting services!

IT Staffing Issues:

Is your business finding it difficult to recruit and train quality IT talent? Then maybe it is time to call MacroLan!

High IT Costs:

The building and maintaining of a traditional business IT infrastructure is capital-intensive and is often seen as an expense. If you want to avoid this pitfall then give our experts a call.

Resource Constraints:

Nearly 80% of a business’s IT resources are being used to maintain and operate existing applications and infrastructure. Free up your IT resources by getting MacroLan to provide you with enterprise level website hosting.

Here at MacroLan we take away these problems when you allow us to provide you with enterprise level website hosting services. Contact us TODAY and one of our hosting experts will help you discover how web hosting in South Africa can change the way you do business.

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