Below is a selection of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that we receive here at the MacroLan offices. We hope that our answers to these questions help you with any of the basic Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Information Technology (IT) queries that you may have.

Q: Where are your servers based?
A: Our servers are all based in a specialised server room constructed at our offices in Mowbray in Cape Town, South Africa.

Q: Do you only offer enterprise level services, or do you also offer individual ISP services?
A: Although the vast majority of our clients are enterprise level clients, we do also have so individual non business clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your ISP needs.

Q: Do you have your own broadband fibre network?
A: Yes! We are in fact one of the very few ISP’s in South Africa who actually do own their own broadband fibre network and do not have to rely on other ISP’s to provide you our customer with any connectivity services. You can find out more about our broadband fibre coverage on out broadband fibre page.

Q: Do you offer your clients anything else other than broadband fibre connectivity?
A: Yes, we are not only a full service ISP, but also a full service IT and website hosting company. Simply go to our MacroLan company page for a complete overview of all that we offer.

Q: How long has MacroLan been around for?
A: We established the company in 1997, so for more than 16 years we have been providing the country (and Cape Town in particular) with quality internet connectivity, cloud computing, hosting and enterprise level IT solutions.

Q: Do you have a legal infrastructure governing your ISP services?
A: Yes, you can find all of the necessary legal documents here:

Q: Do you offer reseller services?
A: Yes we do! You can find out more about the clients that we deal with on our who do we work with page.