Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS as it is more commonly known, is an IT model that allows a business or organisation to outsource all information technology support operations. This includes the outsourcing of all data storage, hardware needs, server functionality and networking components. Here at MacroLan we provide all of this and so much more, because we not only house, run and maintain a world class IT infrastructure, but we also own our own broadband fibre network (one of the few ISP’s in South Africa to do so). This allows us to offer all of our client’s unparalleled connectivity and internet uptime all of the time.

Why Choose A IaaS Solution?

The Benefits of using our MacroLan IaaS offering include:

Scalability: MacroLan Iaas is a pay per-use resource that is available as and when the client needs it.

Instantly Available: There are no delays in expanding a client’s IaaS needs and no unused capacity is wasted.

No client investment in hardware: All physical hardware that supports an IaaS service is set up and maintained by us at MacroLan. This saves the client both time and money.

Location independence: No matter where in the world a client is, they can access their online company resources.

Physical security of data centre locations: All Iaas services benefit from the physical security afforded to the servers which are hosted within the MacroLan data centre here in Cape Town

No single point of failure; if one server or network switch fails, the broader MacroLan service would remain unaffected. This is because we have multiple hardware resources and server redundancy configurations to safeguard the system

How Can Infrastructure as a Service Be Used?

The following are examples of how IaaS can be utilised by business enterprises in South Africa:

Enterprise infrastructure: Businesses can scale their infrastructure in accordance to their need and private clouds (accessible only by the business itself) will protect the storage and transfer of all sensitive company data.

Cloud hosting: This is the hosting of company websites on virtual servers which are created through resources owned, maintained and operated by MacroLan. A website hosted in the cloud will benefit from the redundancy provided by our network of physical servers. It also allows for on demand scalability that enables a website to deal with any unexpected demands.

Virtual Data Centers (VDC): Our network of virtual servers gives us the ability to offer enhanced cloud hosting capabilities, enterprise IT infrastructure and advanced integrated private or public cloud services.

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