Dedicated Server/Private Cloud Hosting

Thanks to MacroLan you can now have access to a dedicated software-defined data center that offers scalable bandwidth and the flexibility to quickly add virtual servers and services without having to pay more.

The Features & Benefits of Private Cloud Hosting

Dedicated local (South African) hosting environment

Enhanced security and compliance

Maximum fault tolerance

Unprecedented scalability

On-demand resources

Only fixed, recurring costs

No need for large-scale capital expenditure on building and maintaining a physical data center

Did you know? With MacroLan, server outages (if the occur at all) will no longer mean extended downtimes. This is because all of our dedicated server and cloud hosting services have auto-recover functionality and can be brought back “online” within minutes.

Hosted SEO Value

If you are looking for a dedicated hosting service that offers the optimum SEO value for South African sites then you need to contact us at MacroLan.

Google recently announced that Page Speed is a factor in its search ranking algorithms. This means websites that are hosted on dedicated servers will benefit from being on their on servers. Don’t you think that it is time that you invested in a dedicated or cloud server option from MacroLan then?

Are you interested in finding out more about? Then contact one of our Dedicated Server / Private Cloud Hosting Experts or download our Private Cloud Hosting document below.

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