SIP Trunking

When you use our MacroLan Session Initiation Protocol (or SIP Trunking) System, you can cut out traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) providers such as Telkom, therefore saving you both time and money. This is because unlike traditional telephony a SIP Trunk allows your company to replace fixed PSTN lines with connectivity via a SIP trunking service provider on the internet such as MacroLan.

Why Choose A SIP Trunking Solution?

The Features & Benefits of SIP Trunking

Significant communication cost savings

No need for local PSTN (Telkom) gateways

No costly Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI’s)

No Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI’s)

SIP Trunking Solutions are Best Suited to:

Local & international corporates

Call centres

Radio & television broadcasters

Large hotels

Educational facilities (Such as Universities)

Any enterprise level facility looking to streamline its communication channels

Did you know? In addition to VoIP calls, SIP trunks can also carry instant messages, multimedia conferences, user presence information and other real-time communications services!

The Fundamentals of SIP

Want to Know More About SIP Trunking?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert SIP Trunking team members at our offices in Mowbray, Cape Town. You can also learn more about SIP Trunking by downloading our MacroLan SIP Trunking PDF.

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