Ludwig Hartmann (General Manager - Inland)

Hertex changed Internet service provider around August 2017 to MacroLan due to the unreliable service we received on a daily basis from our previous supplier.

MacroLan was also highly recommended through contacts we spoke to. 

Hertex started by using their MPLS service on a national footprint to be able to interconnect all of our branches. Hertex also utilizes their managed Internet breakout service.

The service roll out for most branches was quick in major centers. Hertex also decided based on the stability and quality of their network to change our Telkom lines over to Macrolan’s VOIP. The changeover was quick and hassle free with great improvement in voice quality.

Costs savings was also realised due to many inter-branch calls being made by Hertex. Based on previous experience with our previous service provider, Hertex can highly recommend MacroLan as there is a major shift in Internet up-time, quality of service as well as customer service.



Yvette Hechter (Radiographic Technical Manager)

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to recommend the services of the MacroLan. 

Our company has been involved with MacroLan for the past year and are using their connectivity and voice services. 

MacroLan has assessed our previous infrastructure and made recommendations with cost-effective options to change our complete system over to their solution.

MacroLan’s staff did an excellent job, were punctual and offered value added services to us.

The changeover to VOIP was a big step for us and all happened very quickly and efficiently. We also make use of MacroLan’s after-hours services as we operate 24/7/365.

Our company can definitely recommend MacroLan’s services for a smooth and easy experience. I am happy to recommend the services of MacroLan.