South African Broadband Speed Comparison

We’ve all heard the grumbling about broadband speeds in South Africa, but when compared to the rest of the world, how do we really compare? Well out of the top 200 countries measured in over 163 million speed tests over a 12 month period (2017 -2018), South Africa came 76th in the worldwide broadband speed league with an average speed of 6.38 mbps. That is an improvement of 4 places from the 2016 – 2017 measurements taken the previous year.

South Africa placed third out of all of the African countries tested, with only Madagascar (24.87 mbps) and Kenya (10.11 mbps) having faster internet speeds.

Where Is The Data From?

The research was done by M-Lab, in collaboration with New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research, Princeton University’s PlanetLab and a number of smaller supporting partners. The list of top 10 countries and the worst performing bottom 10 countries have been included below:

Top Ten Broadband Speed Countries:

  1. Singapore: 60.39 mbps
  2. Sweden: 46.00 mbps
  3. Denmark: 43.99 mbps
  4. Norway: 40.12 mbps
  5. Romania: 38.60 mbps
  6. Belgium: 36.71 mbps
  7. Netherlands: 35.95 mbps
  8. Luxembourg: 35.14 mbps
  9. Hungary: 34.01 mbps
  10. Jersey: 30.90 mbps

Bottom 10 Broadband Speed Countries

  1. Republic of the Congo: 0.85 mbps
  2. Burkina Faso: 0.84 mbps
  3. Niger: 0.83 mbps
  4. Syria: 0.81 mbps
  5. Mauritania: 0.70 mbps
  6. Guinea: 0.65 mbps
  7. Somalia: 0.60 mbps
  8. Turkmenistan: 0.56 mbps
  9. East Timor: 0.49 mbps
  10. Yemen: 0.31 mbps

Broadband Speed Explained

We’ve put a few broadband speed numbers down on this page, but what do they mean in reality? This video below will explain exactly how internet speed works and why a faster internet speed is important for modern businesses and homes.

Want To Know More?

Then why not check out this Interactive Broadband Map and see for yourself just how good (or bad) much of the worlds broadband speeds actually are! Alternatively you can call us to discuss how we can offer you lightening fast broadband internet that will change the way you use the internet.

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