SME’s Can Benefit from Cloud Services

SME’s Can Benefit from Cloud Services

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (or SME’s for short) in South Africa are starting to turn to cloud services and reaping the benefits, which is affording them the opportunity to improve their business continuity and promote growth. Gone are the days of filing customer, client or patient information and the risk of data loss is being mitigated thanks to the forward thinking SME business owners. But which SME’s would benefit the most from Cloud Services? In our opinion there are many, but the ones listed below would do particularly well to adopt the cloud as their primary data repository:

Medical Practices

Some of the most sensitive information stored by an SME would be found at a Doctors room or other similar medical facility. From patient records to medication data, medical practices need to store a lot of information in a safe and secure manner. We suggest that you use a cloud service to do this, as it will always provide a secure data storage platform with built-in redundancies and backups. Additionally data stored in the cloud is accessible at the touch of the button, is accurate and will always be attributed to the right patient if captured correctly.

Bookkeepers and Accounting Firms

Peoples and companies financial data needs to be accessible to a bookkeeper or accountant, but it also needs to be kept safely away from prying eyes. So what better place than in the cloud? The cloud is safer than simply hosting data on an internal server or laptop and offers the added safety of regular backup in the unlikely event of a data breach or loss. Financial institutions are legally obliged to safely look after their client’s information, so what better way to do this than in one of the most reliable data storage places in the world – The Cloud!

Law Firms

Divorce decrees, case files and even evidence are just some of the data which needs to be safely stored by a law firm. This data not only needs to be secure, but also needs to be kept orderly and in a manner that ensures that it is accessible instantly. So what better way than storing it in the cloud? As this data will always be accessible by the lawyer anywhere and at any time (which is useful when at court), as long as there is internet access.

Are you the owner of an SME and would like to find out more about our Cloud Services? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Also please keep an eye out for our upcoming blog post about further SME’s that can benefit by using a Cloud Based Data Storage Service.

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