How to Boost Cyber Security

How to Boost Cyber Security

Cyber Security has once again been in the South African news thanks to what is being called the “biggest data breach in SA” which occurred at Liberty Life. But if a large financial firm such as Liberty can suffer this sort of Cyber Attack, then what can smaller businesses do to protect themselves? Additionally, in today’s “work anytime and anyplace” enterprise environment is Good Cyber Security even possible?

The answer to both of these questions is that there is plenty that a business can do to protect itself, and when the security features that are built into most software, systems and apps are kept current and combined with strict controls, enhanced cybersecurity is very much a possibility. Even more so when you follow our MacroLan 5 Better Cyber Security Suggestions:

  1. Ensure that password rules are always enforced
    This one is a simple rule that should be every businesses first line of defence in the ongoing war against cyber attacks and security breaches. To do this ensures that your internal or outsourced IT service provider team makes password updates mandatory. Also ensure that strong password protocols are a non negotiable and that all of your staff understands the importance of a strong keyword structure.
  2. Update EVERYTHING regularly
    Every internet connection is a potential cybersecurity vulnerability point, so always keep ALL connections, operating systems, apps and security software up to date. Install all of the latest patches and do it as quickly as new software and system security updates are released.
  3. Implementing VPNs for all connections is a MUST
    Protecting your Network using only generic security measures is NOT a good idea. These networks are more vulnerable attack, but this can be overcome by implementing VPN (virtual private network) connections between the office and mobile office locations. Also insist that this becomes mandatory practise across the entire company!
  4. Ensure that all unused services are retired
    From decommissioned web services to old apps, invalid logins and user credentials that are no longer in use, remove them all! Even functionality that is not used in the current working apps and software running your business should be disabled whenever possible. This will further limit unauthorised cyber access opportunities in your business.
  5. Use all existing security options
    Nearly all apps and software that you’ll use on a daily basis will come bundled with built in security features. Don’t ignore them; the developers of these products want to deliver a safe and reliable product, so use these features in conjunction with additional network security so as to ensure that your technology infrastructure always remains secure.

If you would like to find out more about the internet security, IT and the ISP services that we provide, then please visit our MacroLan Consulting Services page.

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