What is the Internet of Things?

A world where everything from a home’s appliances, to communication and transport devices do one’s bidding automatically has been the focus of many a science fiction writer’s fevered imagination over the past decades. The truth is however that this time (and the ability of inter device communication) is a lot closer now than ever before. This is all thanks to The Internet of Things, or IoT for short!

A More Convenient Place to Live

Imagine a time and place where your lights come on when you’re almost home from the office, your coffee is ready the moment you wake up, or your fridge restocks itself and your car lets you know that something is wrong. This is all possible now thanks to the some of the latest device and application tech, all of which are helping to create the Internet of Things. But how will IoT make your life easier? Let’s take a look at the IBM video below to find out more…

Instant Communication That’ll Save Lives

In the near future, the Internet of Things will impact us in ways that were unthought of just a decade ago. Not only will it change the way we live, but it might just save our lives as well. Take a look at the following video below to find out how:

Science Fiction is now Science fact, and at the heart of it all is reliable access to the internet which we at MacroLan are always happy to provide! To find out more about how we can help you connect with the Internet of Things more effectively, please contact us today and find out more about our Business Fibre and Fibre to the Home options that are available to you.

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