What Is Business Connectivity?

What Is Business Connectivity?

The rise of the internet has ensured that the world has become a smaller place, and this has had a profound effect on how everyone does business and consumes information. This has resulted in a massive increase in the demand for business connectivity services, as companies have found it essential to communicate not just with a local and global client base, but also employees who regularly travel or work from home or satellite offices.

Business Connectivity Services Offer:

When you partner with a Business Connectivity Provider you need to ensure that they cover all of the below:

Video and Voice Conferencing

No matter if you have staff that travel or work away from the office, or simply need to communicate with customers and suppliers, this service is a must for the modern business. Here at MacroLan we offer multiple video and voice communication options, including VoIP, Hosted PABX and SIP Trunking.

E-mail and Real-Time Collaboration

It has been estimated that there are more than 127 billion emails sent every day around the globe, and even if you’re a small business chances are your infrastructure might not be ready to handle the either the e-mail or the instant messaging, online chat and screen-share load once you scale your business upwards. This is why we offer a world-class online collaboration option and cloud hosting service, which you can check out on our collaboration page and our private cloud hosting page.

Big Data Should Not Be a Big Problem

Historically South Africa has had a problem with big data transfers, but that has all changed with the introduction of fibre networks and Internet Service Providers such as MacroLan. We are well aware that internet speeds and data capacities play an important part in boosting our economy, and are proud of the part that we play in providing world-class service to all of our customers. We are continuously improving our services to ensure that information is easily accessible, and most of all safe. We do this through our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) option, which in our humble opinion is one of the best in the business.

Business Connectivity Needs to Have You Covered!

A good Business Connectivity Service is nothing without a Business Recovery Plan, which is why we at MacroLan will always have your back. Your data is precious not only to you, but also us, which is why we offer a comprehensive business recovery plan in the event of data loss through flood, through to fire, theft, damage to hardware and even denial of service attacks on servers. Take a look at our Cloud Backup Option for more information on this.

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