Fibre Breakthrough Could Change Everything

Three years ago a team of scientists from the United States, Scotland and Germany discovered that by twisting the light within fibre optic strands internet speeds could be made to go 100 times faster. However there was a problem, as a detector was needed to read the information travelling in the twisted light and the only one able to do this was the size of a dining table. This however has changed, as a new team of researchers and designers from RMIT University in Australia have created a new detector which is the size of a human hair. This technology could now be harnessed to upgrade every fibre optic network in the world as well as be used to create the first chip capable of deciphering the twisted light data within a mobile device environment. This could change the way we use the internet!

Want to know more? Then take a look at this video that explains not just how the light within a fibre optic cable can be twisted, but also how the new detector will work.

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