Fibre vs. LTE vs. ADSL

Fibre vs. LTE vs. ADSL

You’ve heard the names Fibre, LTE and ADSL bandied about by tech types, neighbours and quite possibly your own children, but what exactly is the difference between the three? Well, we’ve put together a handy quick guide which will not only inform you about the difference between the 3, but also why you should use (or not use) them.


Why should you use Fibre?

It is the fastest and the most reliable of all internet connections. In fact, as we write this there is no better commercial internet connection available anywhere in South Africa. Speeds of up to 200Mbps can be achieved thanks to the fact that fibre has the capacity to literally work at the speed of light.

So what’s the downside of Fibre?

Simply put, it is not yet available everywhere! To find out more about fibre availability in your area, please contact us at MacroLan without delay, as we are constantly expanding our fibre reach into new areas.


Why should you use LTE?

Unlike fibre it is exceptionally mobile (this is why the cellular networks in South Africa use it)! It’s also fairly fast, although it comes nowhere close to fibre, with data speeds of up to 50Mbps achievable. LTE is great for people on the go, or for landlords who don’t want to pay for fibre installations on the properties they own, so it is still a highly relevant technology.

So what’s the downside of LTE?

LTE is not a fixed line service, and because it is “airborne” it can be negatively influenced by bad weather, magnetic fields or large obstructions such as buildings and mountains.


Why should you use ADSL?

ADSL is one of the most readily available internet connections in South Africa. It is generally accepted that if there is a Telkom voice line then ADSL is available.

So what’s the downside of ADSL?

It’s old, it is not as reliable as fibre or LTE and it is most certainly not the fastest internet connectivity option. Additionally, most service providers are moving away from ADSL, which means there is very little chance that ADSL infrastructures will be improved upon anytime soon.

Want to know more?

Of course this is a very simplified overview of all three services, but please feel free to comment below if you would like more in-depth information on this subject, as we would only be too happy to help you learn more.

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