Demand for High-Speed Fibre is Growing

Demand for High-Speed Fibre is Growing

Internet service providers across South Africa are in the middle of a massive growth phase as the demand for High-Speed Internet continues to increase around the country. This growth is not just commercial either, as more homes come online alongside their fibre to business stablemates. Because of this more and more homes and businesses are starting to take advantage of cloud storage and computing, which is not only bringing South Africa up to international digital economy standards, but is also helping to drive innovative thinking. This in turn is stimulating job creation as the efficiency, growth, productivity and costs savings associated with cloud computing start taking affect.

Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective

Because of fast fibre internet speeds businesses are no longer needing to invest in their own capex-heavy IT networks. This is ushering in an age of opex-based cloud computing, which is opening up new avenues of mobile and remote working channels. In the home fast internet is also prompting a change in the way people consume information and relax, as online gaming, streaming video, TV on demand, e-learning and even e-health become more and more prevalent.

High-Speed Fibre has become the proverbial game changer, allowing businesses and homes to consume as much data as they like whenever they want to thanks to lightning fast upload and download speeds.

Property Developers Are Turning To Fibre

Property developers across South Africa are seeing the financial benefit to including fibre infrastructure to both commercial and residential property developments. This is particularly the case in major metropolitan areas such as Cape Town and Johannesburg. Additionally, the sharing of infrastructure and better local government approaches to the creation of fibre networks is allowing ISP’s and Telco’s to include larger towns and smaller cities in current and future growth plans. This will bring all of the benefits of High-Speed Internet mentioned above to outlying areas sooner than originally anticipated, and could possibly assist South Africa with pulling itself out of the current economic doldrums it finds itself in.

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