How DSTV Works on Fibre

Learn How DSTV Works on Fibre!

MultiChoice, a company that is well-known for its innovative approach to doing business in Africa, has recognised the versatility of Fibre. This is evident in their fibre-based signal distribution system that was unveiled in the last quarter of 2017. This service is compatible with both Explora and Single-View HD DSTV Decoders, and is perfect for customers living in estates, complexes or flats as it uses a centralised satellite dish to receive a signal for all subscribers, but then distributes the individual account signals into the respective homes using a fibre network. As an added bonus, all DSTV subscribers who want to make use of the Catch Up Plus and Showmax services can do so as the DSTV fibre-based signal distribution system connects them to the internet but does not impact on the data download speeds of the signal distribution network.

So How Does DSTV’s Fibre-Based Signal Distribution System Work?

This fibre-based signal distribution network is as simple as it is ingenious, and converts DSTV’s satellite signal into an optical signal, which is distributed to the individual subscriber’s decoder via the fibre network. This is done in one of two ways:

Through a dedicated fibre line: When this is used both the Data and the DStv signal are transmitted via separate fibre cables.

By using video overlay: The simpler of the two options, this means that the DSTV Data and the DStv signal both run on a single fibre optic line.

The best part is that no matter which option is used, neither the internet connection speed, nor the data usage will be impacted negatively.

When Will It Be Available?

Soon communities will no longer need an individual satellite dish, and this should be coming to an estate, complex or apartment block near you very soon. Multichoice has already stated that their new fibre-based signal distribution system will be compatible with almost all DSTV decoders, however at this time there will not be a “fibre only” decoder sold. All of this is available right now, so if you are a homeowners associations, body corporate or property developer that is interested in getting this solution for your community, then please contact an accredited DSTV Installer via the Multichoice “Find a DSTV Installer Page”, and choose the fibre option on the dropdown menu.

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