Move to Fibre and Drop “Ancient” Copper Lines

Move to Fibre and Drop “Ancient” Copper Lines

Next year the copper wire technology that is still prevalent in South African telecoms technology is 134 years old, which in our opinion means you need to make your New Year’s Resolution a decision to move to Fibre!

What Does Fibre Offer?

Thanks to our MacroLan Service Level Agreements (you can read more about what SLA’s mean in our other December 2018 blog post about Basic Web Hosting Terminology) we can offer an almost 100% uptime that is NEVER a possibility when you are utilising outdated copper-based ADSL. These SLA’s are customizable for every individuals needs and allow us to personalise each MacroLan Fibre customers SLA when it comes to network response times, server configurations, redundancies, data recovery plans and other important IT infrastructure requirements.

The sheer reliability and speed of fibre ensures that no matter if a customer is looking for Residential Fibre Solutions or Business Fibre Solutions, the positive impact on their productivity, entertainment time and general internet use will change the way they interact with any online environment. Additionally, fibre can offer connectivity that is not influenced by cable theft (which is a big problem with copper cable networks in South Africa), or even weather-based service interruptions.

With higher speeds, exceptional reliability and uncapped bandwidth, communication also becomes much easier as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services can assist with additional savings in both business and residential telephonic communication. Added to this is the fact that fibre allows a person or business to take advantage of various MacroLan OTT (over-the-top) services such as offsite security monitoring and secure data storage.

If you like to know more about what MacroLan has to offer, then please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We’ll be only too happy to help you get onto a life changing Fibre Telecom Network as soon as we can.

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