The Future of Fibre

The Future of Fibre

Fibre-optic cable is a technology that might sound like science fiction, but it is very much a modern technology that has already revolutionised the way we use the internet. It is without a doubt the fastest and cleanest way to provide high capacity digital traffic to businesses and homes around South Africa. Many people will be surprised to read that fibre has been used for decades in Local Area Networks (LANs), and has been an important part of the world’s communication network for some time. But now, thanks to companies such as MacroLan, fibre has become a part of everyday life and is replacing T1s and DSL in many global networks.

A quick look at older technologies:


Although T1 is still one of the most common types of last-mile connections used globally to this day, this technology will ultimately be phased out due to the fact that T1 capacity has limited scalability as only a limited amount of T1 connections can be bonded together. It also offers a slow connection rate of only 1.544 Mbps.


With connection speeds of 1.5 to 6 Mbps DSL is a better option than T1, but still comes nowhere close to fibre. Although a viable option in some instance DSL is limited by proximity to a data node and the oversubscription of DSL bandwidth can result in drastically reduced upload and download speeds.

The Future of Fibre is NOW!

Fibre connectivity is growing globally as well as in South Africa. This is because the growing demand for faster digital connections is increasing at an exponential rate. Fibre is literally a self-fulfilling prophecy with a bright future ahead of it! From the unprecedented growth of Fibre right here in South Africa to the plans to connect LA to Hong Kong via fibre using the Pacific Light Cable Network* there is no better time to experience the future of fibre than NOW!

*The PLCN is 12,800 kilometres of submarine trenched fibre cable which will provide a staggering 144 TB of data capacity in both directions. We will include an article about this fibre communications network next month.

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