Cloud Hosting Explained

Cloud hosting is one of the services that MacroLan is best known for, but the truth is many South African businesses and individuals who need large amounts of data storage are not always aware of exactly what it is. Essentially, Cloud Hosting is the same as VPS hosting! So much so in fact that many people within the IT industry are already moving away from using the term VPS and now use the terms Cloud Hosting or Cloud VPS.

How Does Cloud Hosting or Cloud VPS Work?

Cloud Hosting is a scalable resource friendly hosting option that can provide as much (or as little) memory capacity as is needed. Although very similar in function to VPS hosting, there is one very important difference, namely the fact that where a VPN option has a maximum capacity, a cloud based system can be scaled up to a much higher degree. It can in effect be limitless, depending on how the cloud server is set up. This in itself provides numerous benefits to customers who choose to utilize a MacroLan Cloud Backup Option, as cloud based systems have a much better chance of protecting a business against DDoS attacks. This is because the best way of protecting one’s digital interests against such a Distributed Denial of Service attack is to block as many requests as possible and spread the rest within a large network. And a Cloud VPS is just the network to do this sort of thing, as it is the largest type of network possible.

Want To Know More About Cloud VPS?

Then contact us at our Mowbray offices in Cape Town on 0861 855 855! We provide reliable Cloud VPS services to a number of businesses in and around the Cape Town Metropole, and back it up with a 24 hour telephone support service that is available 365 days a year.

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