The Reality of More Expensive Apple Gadgets

The Reality of More Expensive Apple Gadgets

If you are an Apple fan you’ve probably noticed the steep increase in their product costs over the last few years. One would think that as technology improved it would get cheaper, but this is not the case with Apple and it might be the fault of us the consumers…

Apple Is a Premium Brand

The fact is it is getting harder and harder to sell new devices to a saturated mobile market, so the only way to wow the jaded public is to introduce new or improved technology. The R&D and the manufacturing of this new tech costs money and these costs are being pushed through to us the consumer. Because of our obsession with new tech in a digital status driven consumer environment we accept these costs as Apple is seen both as a premium product and a tech innovator.

This evidence for this can be seen in the rise and rise of the iPhone X! In the past year since its launch, the most expensive iPhone to date has also become the best selling iPhone. At launch in the USA it was priced at $999 and it was the fastest selling device Apple has ever released through to the end of the June 2018 financial quarter, and new versions of the iPhone X are already out right now and all numbers are pointing to this trend continuing.

Where to next?

Apple is already doing the same to its iPad and MacBook products, and all of the indications are there that globally they will continue to sell well. However there is a possible problem on the horizon! Although Apple is now making more money than ever before, their overall sales have been flat and in some instances even slowly been declining. This has resulted in Apple announcing that it would no longer be reporting on unit sales but instead report on earnings. A clever move to possibly hide declining sales, which when previously reported at the end of last year resulted in an immediate share drop of 6.5 percent, but will it help? Only time will tell.

So what is your opinion of Apple and it products? Watch the New iPhone XS and iPhone XR launch video below and leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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