Top 5 Website Types in South Africa

Top 5 Website Types in South Africa

This is the internet age, and websites are a part of everyday life. But most people don’t know about how many different types of websites there are in the online environment, or what there functions are. This article will help shed some light on this, and hopefully help you make the right website development choices when you decide to build your business website.

The top 5 Different Types of Websites encountered by South Africans online on a daily basis are:

1. E-commerce Websites

Dedicated to doing business, an e-commerce website in its basic form helps buyers meet sellers online and assists them in processing transactions such as payments, orders and shipping. At its simplest level it would consist of product pages containing marketing and sales pitch areas, product pages, a customer login area and a check in and checkout area. Takealot would be one of the best known versions of a South African e-commerce website.

2. Personal Websites

It is all about you! These sites are by their nature personal sites that can be used to share information, videos and photos about a specific person. These websites are often free host websites, but because of this the server on which they are hosted is usually of limited capabilities (but not always, just look at YouTube). These websites cannot normally be search engine optimised and do NOT make good business sites on their own. They are often blog like in nature with shareable content. A good example of this type of website would be

3. News Websites

News websites are hubs of news information and offer readers the chance to digest and sometimes even comment on the latest news, entertainment, weather and sports. They are updates constantly and attract a large amount of traffic on a day to day basis. The eNCA news site would be a great example of this type of website.

4. Corporate Websites

The name pretty much says it all, as they are business sites that provide information about a particular company. These websites provide an online advertising and branding platform which allows the company in question to showcase its services or products. Our MacroLan website is a good example of such a website.

5. Online Payment Websites

Trust barriers are being broken down and payment and banking sites use the very best encryption and security to ensure that banking transactions and real world payments can now all be made online. These online payment service providers (PSP’s) process thousands upon thousands of bank transfers and credit card transactions with very few additional chargers. In South Africa all of the major banks have online payment websites or portals, with one of the biggest being ABSA.

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