Online Backup

Macrolan Online Backup enables scheduled backups for desktops and servers anywhere, at any time. The online backup includes support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. In the event of data loss or corruption, customers can retrieve data from the storage platform and restore it to its original or another location, anywhere and in a few easy steps.

Key Benefits

This service is both flexible and scalable, making it well-suited to businesses of any size. By enabling automated backups, a business can rest assured that all of their critical data is secure in the MacroLan Cloud. Central administration of your backups is enabled through a user-friendly web portal. Item level recovery enables the access of backed up files without necessitating a complete restore. Data deduplication through incremental backups ensures the conservation of your data network resources, as well as your online backup storage capacity.

Ideal for

Small, medium or large businesses worried about losing important or sensitive information, due to incidents such as file corruption or accidental deletion.