The Best 5 Web Browsers of 2019

The Best 5 Web Browsers of 2019

Using the right web browser makes a huge difference in how you access and even relate to the internet. In 2018 Google Chrome expanded its domination of the browser world, and so far in 2019 this upward moving Chrome trend is set to continue. However, there are still some very good web browsers out there and including Chrome we have ranked them from 1 – 5.

1. Google Chrome

It comes as no surprise to anyone that yet again Google Chrome is expected to completely dominate the ongoing browser wars. This is thanks to the fact that it has a number of very important advantages over its rivals. These are:

  • Chrome is infinitely expandable
  • And Chrome is exceptionally fast

The one downside is that it is very resource hungry! But if you’ve got the system to handle it, this is the way to go. Additionally it is easy to access all of your Google apps and Gmail functionality via chrome.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Recently given its largest update in more than a decade, Firefox is once again showing a positive user growth trend. This is all thanks to Firefox Quantum, which was a major coding overhaul that ushered in a new version of Firefox that offers:

  • A very fast web browser environment
  • Low system resource requirements
  • Very strong privacy tools

There is even now a version of Firefox which is specifically designed to browse the web in virtual reality using Oculus and Google Daydream!

3. Opera

This highly underrated browser might only command 1 percent of the browser market, but it has so much to offer users! It can do everything that all of the other browsers can do, and in many cases it does it better, thanks to some very clean coding that has been used to build the browser. From the moment you download it, you’ll notice:

  • It has a VERY useful integrated ad-blocker
  • Turbo mode brings the browser to life like no other browser on this list

It must be noted however that it does have one small downside, and that is the fact that it has fewer plugins than its rivals. This is only an issue for serious users however so we seriously suggest that you give Opera a go!

4. Microsoft Edge

Although by no means the biggest hit Microsoft has ever had, Edge is not as bad as many people have made it out to be. It is also being rebuilt using the same rendering and JavaScript engines that drive Google’s Chrome, which in our books is a positive move for the product and will mean:

  • It will become even faster
  • It should retain its awesome built-in reading mode

Edge will continue to be the default browser for Windows moving forward, so these changes are sure to have positive results!

5. Tor

The Tor Browser might have a bad reputation thanks to its ability to access unlisted sites on the Dark Web, but it is one very intelligent browser that makes it hard for anyone to track you thanks to its random node routing. This means when using the Tor Browser it is easy to:

  • Keep your browsing private
  • Block tracking cookies

The one downside of using Tor is the fact that it is slower than all of the other web browsers on this page due to the node routing.

Are you interested in downloading any of these browsers? Then please follow the following links:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge (including Windows 10)

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